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Материнская плата Supermicro X10DRi-T - прошивка REDFISH_X10_377


Вышла новая прошивка REDFISH_X10_377 для материнской платы X10DRi-T.

На страничке производителя: https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/C600/X10DRi-T.cfm

Скачать прошивку: REDFISH_X10_377

Release note: X10DRi-T_IPMI_3_77_release_notes.pdf

Дата релиза: 27 июля 2018


Добавлена возможность чистить Event Log.

Новые фичи

  1. Added support for saving 3108 storage controller status event.
  2. Added new Redfish features for downloading and uploading IPMI configuration.
  3. Added adaptive temperature threshold in SDR for drives connected to 3108.
  4. Enabled AC Power On Event log.
  5. Added enable and disable options for 3108's JBOD mode over BMC's Web page and Redfish API "/redfish/v1/Systems/1/Storage/HA-RAID".
  6. Added Redfish memory information feature.
  7. Added support for new Redfish firmware inventory (3108 storage controller) to update firmware.


  1. Enabled update of 3108's firmware over BMC's Web page.
  2. Redfish no longer returns 500 when NetworkProtocol is patched after factory default.
  3. Correct sensor reading of AOC-STG-i4S.
  4. Removed duplicate AOC NIC on sensor reading WebGUI.
  5. Set AC Power On Event log to be reported when BMC executes cold reboot.
  6. BMC now logs events when user removes pre-installed HDDs (connected to storage backplane and 3108) during system boot and after Broadcom 3108 storage controller is initialized.
  7. Fixed problem of "undefined" message appearing in pop-up window before uploading Broadcom 3108's ROM.
  8. SSM System Information Details can show more than 1 storage enclosure.
  9. Allow 3108's firmware update from BMC's Web page if Logical device is on the card.
  10. Corrected timeout of Invalid Default Active Directory.
  11. Reenable upload button to upload floppy disk after unmounting a file.
  12. Allow JBOD change mode.
  13. Multi-language support for iKVM/HTML5 console help page.
  14. Corrected email function failures.
  15. Corrected Java SOL console launch failures.
  16. Corrected BMC MAC address formats.
  17. Power consumption history no longer shows minimum power as 0W.