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HPE MSA 1040/2040/2042 Storage - прошивка GL225P001

HPE MSA 2040

Последняя на текущий момент прошивка СХД HPE MSA 1040/2040/2042 - версия GL225P001 (25 марта 2019).

Прошивку пока не проверял.

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Release Notes


Перед обновлением СХД обновить HBA контроллеры!

Firmware upgrade performed on MSA 1040/2040 SAS systems connected to VMWare ESX via SmartHBA H241, SmartArray P4xx or SmartArray P7xx controllers must be performed offline unless these controllers have been updated to the below mentioned versions or higher. If controllers have the following driver and firmware versions or higher, then online updates may be performed.

  • VMware 5.0/5.1 = HPSA SCSI Driver Version
  • VMware 5.5 = HPSA SCSI Driver Version
  • VMware 6.0 = HPSA SCSI Driver Version
  • Firmware Version 4.02 for Smart HBA H241, Smart Array P441, or Smart Array P741m Controllers


  • Update OpenSSH to 7.8p1.
  • Update Openssl to 1.0.2p.


  • Pool is offline despite all pool disk-groups online.
  • Storage system ceases operation due to exceeding the 255 SCSI registrant limit.
  • Controller ceases operation during SCRUB task due to excessive discovered parity errors.
  • Replication fails with: Error Message: The scheduler was unable to complete the replication. - Insufficient resources exist.
  • Pool and volumes were inaccessible due to failed read of pool metadata.
  • Disk-groups might show QTOF after recovery from a power outage.
  • Scheduled Replication may fail due to a timing issue resulting in a “volume not found” error message.
  • Aborts may be seen with heavy host IO during Snapshot and replication image creation.
  • Loss of management access to the storage system due to volume mapping using Microsoft SCVMM.
  • Controller ceases operation due to frequent Snapshots on a pool in excess of 100TB.
  • Management interface reports “getting data from storage controller. Please wait.”.
  • RAID 50 disk-group may remain quarantined even after dequarantine command is issued.
  • All Pools and volumes are offline due to a disk-group reporting unreadable metadata (BLPT error).



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