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HPE MSA 2050/2052 Storage — прошивка VL270R001-01

HPE MSA 2050

15 августа 2018 г вышла новая прошивка для СХД HPE MSA 2050/2052 — версия VL270R001-01 (15 Aug 2018). 

Пока не проверял работоспособность.

Скачать можно здесь.


  • Unable to delete a volume that has no name shown in the Storage Management Utility (SMU)
  • On a controller that was shutdown, unable to restart the controller using the SMU on that controller.
  • PCIe Link Recovery causes a controller to cease operation.
  • More than 254 registrants on a volume causes controller reboot.
  • Controller enters a continuous warm boot loop during boot or firmware update.
  • Volume group does not allow creation of a name that duplicates a host group name.
  • Syslog events are not generated unless SMTP settings are input.
  • Snapshots schedules fail and the error message "renaming a snapshot, failed to locate the oldest snapshot" displays after modifying the retention count to 1.
  • The CLI incorrectly shows a successful return status to the "test email" command when email settings are disabled.
  • When getting logs from the array, one of the following error messages displays:
    • ERROR: Failed to obtain Storage Controller logs - Application not responding.
    • 421 Timeout Connection closed by remote host.


  • Increased potential random performance on MSA 1050 storage system.
  • Enabled the ability to authenticate against an Active Directory domain.
  • Added IO Workload information to the SMU.
  • Added additional message showing disk group creation succeeds when a drive failure occurs.
  • Disabled all SSL and TLS protocols except TLS v1.2.



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