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iLO 4 v 2.61b от 21 ноября 2018 г

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

21 ноября 2018 г вышла новая версия iLO 4 2.61b. Тем у кого стоит 2.61 - нет необходимости обновляться.

iLO 4 version 2.61(b) was released with a packaging update.  The update does not affect the firmware functionality. If version 2.61 was previously deployed to target device, then it is not necessary to update to version 2.61(b).

Скачать можно здесь.

Исправления такие же как у 2.61:

  • Intermittent boot failures encountered when server boots from MicroSD card.
  • Fixed problem with AHS download that might have unreadable data for the current day.
  • iLO Web GUI sessions might not logoff at the end of timeout period.
  • Incorrect information displayed for Power Supply Bay in AHS viewer.
  • License hyperlink in Access Settings page of GUI leads to Page Not Found.
  • Unable to login to iLO CLI after setting iLO to factory defaults, requiring an additional iLO reset.
  • Unable to delete REST interface sessions with users having certain special characters.
  • SNMP may become unresponsive over a period of time. (Ну наконец-то)



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