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iLO 4 v 2.62 от 2 апреля 2019 г

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

2 апреля 2019 г вышла новая версия iLO 4 2.62. HP рекомендует обновиться.

HPE recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.

Скачать можно здесь.


  • Resolved an issue where iLO could intermittently cause adapters to lose configuration after updating adapters to newer firmware.

Release Notes

IPv6 network communications - Dedicated network connection only

  • Supported Networking Features
    • IPv6 Static Address Assignment
    • IPv6 SLAAC Address Assignment
    • IPv6 Static Route Assignment
    • IPv6 Static Default Gateway Entry
    • DHCPv6 Stateful Address Assignment
    • DHCPv6 Stateless DNS, Domain Name, and NTP Configuration
    • Integrated Remote Console
    • OA Single Sign-On
    • HPE-SIM Single Sign-On
    • Web Server
    • SSH Server
    • SNTP Client
    • DDNS Client
    • RIBCL over IPv6
    • SNMP
    • AlertMail
    • Remote Syslog
    • WinDBG Support
    • CPQLOCFG/HPLOMIG over an IPv6 connection
    • Scriptable Virtual Media
    • CLI/RIBCL Key Import over IPv6
    • Authentication using LDAP and Kerberos over IPv6
    • iLO Federation
  • Networking Features not supported by IPv6 in this release
    • IPv6 Over Shared Network Port Connections
    • IPMI
    • Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) Support
    • Embedded Remote Support (ERS)



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