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Восстановление счётчиков производительности


Чтобы восстановить все счетчики производительности, включая расширенные счетчики и счетчики сторонних производителей, в Windows введите в командной строке под администратором:

cd \windows\system32
lodctr /R


Справка по lodctr

C:\Windows\system32>lodctr /?

    Updates registry values related to performance counters.

    LODCTR <INI-FileName>
        INI-FileName is the name of the initialization file that contains
            the counter name definitions and explain text for an extensible
            counter DLL.

    LODCTR /S:<Backup-FileName>
        save the current perf registry strings and info to <Backup-FileName>

    LODCTR /R:<Backup-FileName>
        restore the perf registry strings and info using <Backup-FileName>

        rebuild the perf registry strings and info from scratch based on the cur
            registry settings and backup INI files.

    LODCTR /T:<Service-Name>
        set the performance counter service as trusted.

    LODCTR /E:<Service-Name>
        enable the performance counter service.

    LODCTR /D:<Service-Name>
        disable the performance counter service.


    LODCTR /Q:<Service-Name>
        query the performance counter service information, either query all or s
pecified one.

    LODCTR /M:<Counter-Manifest>
        install Windows Vista performance counter provider definition XML file
            to system repository.

Note: any arguments with spaces in the names must be enclosed within
Double Quotation marks.