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Накопительное обновление SQL Server 2019 CU6

Microsoft SQL Server 2019

4 августа 2020 года вышло шестое накопительное обновление SQL Server 2019 CU6. Build version: 15.0.4053.23. KB4563110.

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Bug Reference KB article number Description Fix area Platform
13534591   This improvement changes the behavior of Availability Group informational messages to not be printed to the log by default:
UpdateHadronTruncationLsn(X) (force=Y): Primary: Z:Z:Z Secondary: A:A:A Partial Quorum : B:B:B Aggregation: C:C:C Persistent: D:D:D
High Availability All
13554274   This update contains an improvement for object level lock optimization on secondary replicas of Always On Availability Groups. This improvement addresses the schema lock contention on secondary replica redo, especially when the number of logical processors is large. High Availability All
13582824   Fixes high CPU consumption on Availability Group secondary database when using multiple redo threads and uninitialized LSN, leading to extra reads under some rare scenarios High Availability All
13592713   Fixes access violation exception that occurs when plan cache involves sys.dm_hadr_ag_threads and sys.dm_hadr_db_threads DMVs High Availability All
13580008   Fixes race condition where a PolyBase query might hang when the corresponding execution plan involves a query against a external data source that fails right after submission SQL BDC All
13551991   Fixes the following numeric overflow error when you attempt to create a PolyBase external table targeting a Teradata table with more than 2,147,483,647 rows, the Teradata system’s default session mode is ‘Teradata’, and you didn’t change the session mode of the PolyBase connection by including ‘SessionMode=ANSI’ in the CONNECTION_OPTIONS of the external data source that is used in the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE statement.
Error: 105082;Generic ODBC error: [Microsoft][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database](-2616)Numeric overflow occurred during computation.
SQL Engine All
13554533   When you execute a select query against a PolyBase external data source and the query contains columns whose names only differ by case (such as ID and Id), you notice that PDW engine may generate an incorrect landing table schema which results in following error: Msg 7320: Cannot execute the query "Remote Query" against OLE DB provider "MSOLEDBSQL" for linked server "(null)". Column names in each table must be unique. Column name 'ID' in table 'TableName' is specified more than once. SQL Engine All
13480950 4568448 FIX: Support for REJECT_ROW_LOCATION parameter in CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE in SQL Server 2019 box product SQL Engine All
13584506 4568653 FIX: INSERT EXEC doesn't work when you insert row containing explicit identity value into table with IDENTITY column and IDENTITY_INSERT is OFF by default in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13590483 4538581 FIX: Scalar UDF Inlining issues in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13575426   Adds support to communicate with a private network from sp_execute_external_script query in SQL Server 2019 "OSError: [WinError 10013] An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions" SQL Engine All
13581481   Fixes a case where an error for a failed PolyBase query may not always get propagated to the user, instead returning the partial result set SQL Engine All
13584821   Fixes error "Field not found in the applicable tables" when you query external table with DATE/TIMESTAMP literals in WHERE clause and the external data source ODBC driver does support not ANSI format SQL Engine All
13592980   This update fixes a rare race condition in PolyBase query cancellation SQL Engine All
13491005 4551220 FIX: Assertion error occurs when you run resumable index build statement in SQL Server SQL performance All
13594414   Fixes an access violation error that might occur when auditing commands that require password masking SQL security All
13603758   Fixes an issue in agent join during deployment due to pod IP address mismatch in SQL Server 2019 SQL BDC Linux
13518086   Fixes an issue with an orphaned spinlock due to access violation and results in the  repeatedly printed in messages log: "getspinlock pre-Sleep() after AV" SQL Engine Linux
13571700 4570355 FIX: Error occurs when you insert data from one replicated BDC data pool table to another in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Linux
13575481   Adds a new dsqlplan XEvent in PDW to collect dsql plan SQL Engine Linux
13576520   This update allows PolyBase external tables for Teradata database to map ByteInt data type to TinyInt data type SQL Engine Linux
13586194   Removes unrelated warning message that is generated during PolyBase engine start or when PolyBase XEvent config environment variable is not set "is not a rooted path. Expect a rooted path for XE config file from envrionment variable." SQL Engine Linux
13520896   Fixes issue with access violation exception when you execute query with UDF and multiple grouping. After applying this update, SQL Server blocks UDF inlining if group by includes multiple groupings. SQL performance Linux
13592120 4570679 FIX: Remote Hadoop bridge fails when using Hadoop connectivity levels other than seven in SQL Server 2019 on Linux SQL Engine Linux
13601596 4577562 FIX: Istio proxy fails as automountServiceAccountToken is set to FALSE in CU5 for SQL Server 2019 SQL BDC Linux
13521097   Excel MDX queries running against an SSAS Tabular instance may return incorrect result when you convert PivotTable Filters to formulas. Analysis Services Windows
13491013   DMV query $system.DISCOVER_STORAGE_TABLES can execute slowly against in-memory model which contains many tables and large table row counts in SQL Server 2019 Analysis services Windows
13528240   Corrects a regression to allow Recursive Hierarchies to display child items correctly. Data Quality Services (DQS) Windows
13407621 4538849 FIX: Transaction commit delay time is higher under low usage workloads in SQL Server 2017 and 2019 High Availability Windows
13491006 4551221 FIX: Error occurs when you try to create a differential backup on secondary replica in SQL Server High Availability Windows
13563157 4570571 FIX: Query slowness occurs when CPU-intensive SQL Server system tasks run in SQL Server 2019 High Availability Windows
13540086   This update contains an improvement for XML Validation in SSIS XML Tasks. This improvement allows validation of INCLUDED schemas in XML task. Integration Services Windows
13500184 4547890 FIX: ISDBUpgradeWizard.exe throws error when you try to upgrade SSISDB after restoring from earlier versions in SQL Server 2019 Integration Services Windows
13544859   When using FileTables in SQL Server, you may notice dumps being generated periodically that contain an assertion in function FFtFileObject::ProcessPostCreate. In some environments, these dumps may trigger a failover FtFileObject::ProcessPostCreate file = fftfo.cpp line = LineNumber  expression = FALSE SQL Engine Windows
13525673 4563597 FIX: Assertion dump occurs when Implicit Transactions are enabled in SQL Server 2016, 2017, and 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13592393 4570433 FIX: "Culture is not supported" error occurs when you execute PolyBase query in SQL Server 2019  SQL Engine Windows
13516056 4571296 Improvement: Option to forcefully turn QDS off by specifying the additional option in ALTER DB command SQL Engine Windows
13588307 4575275 FIX: Access violation occurs when MSTVF references an In-Memory OLTP large-value data type with interleaved execution enabled in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13563533   Assertion exception occurs when the system function sys.fn_xe_file_target_read_file is executed in SQL Server 2019 Assert reference (Location: FileName:LineNumber, Expression: pvb->FInUse ()) or (Location: FileName:LineNumber, Expression: !"No exceptions should be raised by this code") SQL Engine Windows
13571478   Updates the Zulu JRE version to zulu11.37.18-sa-jre11.0.6.101 SQL Engine Windows
13633260   Fixes errors that occur in SCOM 2019, when you upgrade from SQL Server 2016 or 2017 to SQL Server 2019 CU5 with UDF inlining ON SQL Engine Windows
13562930   Fixes an unexpected result issue for variables when you use multiple variable assignments from select statement that has scalar UDF inlining. After you apply this update, SQL Server blocks UDF inlining in special cases of select-with-assignment queries. SQL performance Window
13594832   The external satellite processes in SQL Server have a restriction to not use more than 8 cores on the system for satellite worker threads, but in case of highly parallel execution all the process are restricted to same set of 8 cores on the machine and don’t use the other cores available on the system. This issue only happens on Windows and slows down highly parallel queries. The fix is to allow the processes to use 8 cores rather than the fixed set of cores on the system SQL Extensibility Windows
13593722   Fixes an access violation that occurs when executing system function sys.fn_get_audit_file to read Audit file in SQL Server 2019 SQL security Windows