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iLO 5 v 1.40(a) от 6 февраля 2019 г

iLO 5

6 февраля 2019 г вышла новая версия iLO 5 1.40(a). HP рекомендует обновиться.

HPE recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.

Скачать можно здесь.


  • User interface fixes and improvements.
  • The text “R&D Server” is incorrectly displayed in the iLO web interface navigation pane.
  • Fixed an issue where power supply status changes may be delayed.
  • Device Inventory could display a parse error under Internet Explorer 11 when certain PCI Cards are installed.
  • Improved shared network port out-of-band LOM resuscitation to reduce the scope and the frequency of system power-on/power-off during systems shutdown/reboot.
  • iLO communication issues in certain configurations where a server is set to Auto-Power-On after an AC power cycle.

Исправления безопасности


  • Ability to edit Maintenance Windows in Firmware & OS Software section
  • Added Password Complexity feature to Security > Access Settings
  • Enable/disable for overlay video showing Server Health Summary
  • Downgrade Policy - Specifies how iLO handles requests to downgrade any of the firmware types that you can update through iLO.
  • Virtual NIC functionality (disabled by default)
  • Enabled One-button Secure Erase via Intelligent Provisioning
  • LDAP/Directory settings configurable via Redfish
  • Security Dashboard - displays the status of important security features, the Overall Security Status for the system, and the current configuration for the Security State and Server Configuration Lock features.
  • Support for Gemalto SafeNet and SafeNet AT key managers
  • InfoSight Optimized AHS Download
  • Show NVMe wear level
  • Workload performance advisor: provides server tuning recommendations to improve server performance



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