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Накопительное обновление SQL Server 2019 CU5

Microsoft SQL Server 2019

22 июня 2020 года вышло пятое накопительное обновление SQL Server 2019 CU5. Build version: 15.0.4043.16. KB4552255.

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Bug Reference KB article number Description Fix area Platform
13464184   SQL Server may block renaming a database when the database consists of one or more external data pool tables. If you attempt to rename the database in the scenario, you may get the following error:
Alter database name is not supported in Big Data Cluster if the database contains external data pool tables. Drop the external data pool tables to perform the operation.
13526183 4538581 FIX: Scalar UDF Inlining issues in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13465623 4555232 FIX: Blocking may occur when Reduce Recompilations feature is enabled by default in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13495908 4561915 Improvement: MAXTRANSFERSIZE no longer required to enable backup compression on TDE encrypted databases SQL Engine All
13530704   You can retrieve the SQL Server Big Data Cluster controller endpoint by querying the new property SELECT SERVERPROPERTY ('ControllerEndpoint'). SQL Engine All


When shrinking a database, you may receive a database consistency error if the shrinking process encounters an IAM page that is the first and only IAM page. The symptoms may include assertions errors involving heapdataset. Confirm that you do not have any inconsistencies by executing DBCC CHECKDB after shrink operations. Applying this update will prevent future occurrence of this issue and not clean up past inconsistencies. SQL Engine All
13491460   When PolyBase queries are cancelled shortly after being scheduled, the cancellation may timeout after one hour (and fail to cancel the execution) and generate a dump of Data Movement service. SQL Engine All
13491461   When 32 or more PolyBase queries are scheduled concurrently, deadlock may occur and current and subsequent PolyBase queries may stall and may not be cancellable. SQL Engine All
13491472   When inserting into PolyBase external tables from SQL Server head data or tables, query may fail (instead of waiting for resources) if 32 PolyBase queries are currently running. SQL Engine All
13456880   Access violation exception occurs when querying sys.dm_cluster_endpoints in SQL Server 2019 on Big Data Cluster SQL Engine All
13440400   When using INSERT INTO … VALUES (…) or INSERT INTO SELECT… statement to populate Data Pool external table and if user specifies the target table columns, the list of target table column names must have the same order as the source table columns and must be the full list. Starting this cumulative update, you will get detailed new errors outlining these conditions:
"Source column count must match the # of columns in the destination table"
"Order of source columns must match the order of columns in the destination table"
SQL Engine All
13485259   Encrypt keyword is missing from externalaccessconfig in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13530274   When you deploy SQL Server Big Data Clusters in Active Directory mode, SQL Server uses domain DNS name to create user in sql server. When the DNS name and realm name are different, failures may occur. After installing this update, SQL Server will use realm name to create user in sql server. SQL Engine All
13464137   When you use Accelerated Database Recovery feature on a database in SQL Server 2019, which is part of an Availability Group or Transactional Replication, an assertion error occurs.
(Location: recovery.cpp:LineNumber,
Expression: (!!lp->IsFlagOn (LogRec::LOG_TO_SLOG)) == recXdes->DoesXactSupportCTR () || lp->GetOpCode () == LOP_CTR_NEST_ABORT)
SQL Engine All
13328542   SQL Agent jobs that require access to credentials stored in master database may not be executed when you use Always On availability group in SQL Big Data Cluster. SQL BDC Linux
13477441 4556244 FIX: Credential update frequency option is added to mssql-conf option in SQL Server 2019 on Linux SQL Engine Linux
13530877 4563007 FIX: VDI backup fails with error after applying SQL Server 2019 CU2/CU3/CU4 SQL Engine Linux
13476078 4561725 Improvement: Enables custom event configuration for XEVENT Session EngineService in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Linux
13522367   If trace flag 6424 is enabled, this fix will dump PolyBase processes if SQL Server dumps. SQL Engine Linux
13490049   For SQL Server 2019 on Linux or Big Data Cluster configured to use AD auth, you may notice a reduction in size of core dumps generated after installing the update. SQL Engine Linux
13491688   When you attempt to enable Log Shipping feature in SQL Server on Linux, you may receive an error message that resembles the following:
Msg 32018, Level 16, State 3, Server mssql02, Procedure master.dbo.sp_add_log_shipping_secondary_primary, Line LineNumber
Log shipping is not installed on this instance.
RegQueryValueEx() returned error 2, 'The system cannot find the file specified.'
SQL Engine Linux
13452649   Enable SQL Server Big Data Clusters Active Directory (AD) deployments when domain controllers are not acting as DNS servers. SQL Engine Linux
13531811   Deployment gets blocked when domain DNS name and realm name are different in SQL Server 2019 BDC SQL Engine Linux
13555838   Memory may be increased and not be released when a SQL Server outbound connect like Linked Servers fails. This may happen because a socket structure is not deallocated properly SQL Engine Linux
13531816   AD access to SQL Server 2019 BDC endpoints fails when domain DNS name and endpoint DNS names do not match SQL Engine Linux
13491009 4539023 FIX: Analysis Services Execute DDL task may fail to impersonate the user context to the remote Analysis services instance in SQL Server 2017 and 2019 Analysis Services Windows
13516286   This will fix a functional results issue with the usage of NOT IN operator in DAX when OPTIMIZEDNOTINOPERATOR optimization is enabled. Analysis Services Windows
13516290   This will fix the functional issues with initial performance fix for dense measures evaluation in SuperDAXMD mode Analysis Services Windows
13516292   This will fix performance problems in PBI and Multidimensional models user scenario Analysis Services Windows
13469410   This improves MDX query execution performance against a dimension user hierarchy which is a ragged hierarchy (HideMemberIf property set ) and has deep hierarchy level in SSAS Multidimensional instance. Analysis Services Windows
13458540   When you try to build relationship on a model that contains many measures with USERELATIONSHIP function, this fix can improve the processing performance and also reduce the time of "sequence point algorithm" step. Analysis Services Windows
13455824   In explore page, you may not be able to revert the changes in changeset. Data Quality Services (DQS) Windows
13491696   "Show More Members" functionality for Explicit Hierarchies do not show more than 50 members in Master Data Services (MDS) 2019. Data Quality Services (DQS) Windows
13522235 4560051 FIX: SQL Server may still read data from secondary replica when ALLOW_CONNECTIONS is set to NO High Availability Windows
13508776 4562173 FIX: Availability Group failover generates lot of dumps as DTC support is toggled between PER_DB and NONE multiple times High Availability Windows
13498052   Fix the issue that when using ODBC components in Foreach Loop component, the ODBC component will meet "Function sequence error" in the second loop during package execution. Integration Services Windows
13477086 4556233 FIX: Setup is unable to extract product update when it is executed as LOCAL SYSTEM with UPDATE SOURCE option specified in SQL Server 2019 Setup & Install Windows
13421891 4540896 FIX: Access violation may occur when enumerating files in a FileTable in SQL Server SQL Engine Windows
13491016 4552478 FIX: Distribution Agent "Parameterized values for above command" log message missing after SQL Server 2017 and 2019 upgrade SQL Engine Windows
13526208 4562618 FIX: Changes to firewall rules created when you install PolyBase in scale-out group configuration in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13532909 4563044 FIX: Allow external resource pool to use more than one processor group in SQL Server 2019 on Windows SQL Engine Windows
13522185 4563195 FIX: sp_execute_external_script may fail to run R scripts that use the RxLocalParallel compute context or the doParallel R package in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13472695 4563348 After upgrading SQL Server 2017 Distributor to SQL Server 2019, transactional push replication fails when subscriber is using non-default port SQL Engine Windows
13518379 4564868 FIX: Assertion exception occurs when you query the DMV sys.dm_db_file_space_usage in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13544367 4564876 FIX: Unable to reconfigure Database mirroring when ADR is enabled and disabled in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13468903   When FIPS is enabled on the server (using MSKB article 811833), you may not be able to use Managed Backup on a SQL Server 2019 instance and you may encounter the following error:
Msg 45207, Level 17, State 17, Line 102
The operation failed because of an internal error. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Please retry later.
SQL Engine Windows
13491012   Msg 3628 (The Database Engine may receive a floating point exception from the operating system while processing a user request) may occur during a clustered columnstore index rebuild. SQL Engine Windows
13526506   When a Windows principal that is not mapped to a specific database user accesses a database by using membership in a windows group or AAD group, a user id of 0 may be assigned to the user. When the user tries to use libraries that are installed by other dbo/sysadmin user, the user may not see any external libraries. After applying this update, a user id of 0 would have access to external libraries installed by the dbo (libraries in public scope). Since there is no database user that is mapped to the Windows principal, the user with user id 0 cannot create or install external libraries. SQL Engine Windows
13525965   You can access configurations that ship with PolyBase when specifying a DSN in the CONNECTION_OPTIONS of a Generic ODBC External Data Source definition. The options are picked up by matching the driver name used in the DSN definition. This currently applies to the following drivers:
• Microsoft Spark ODBC Driver
SQL Engine Windows
13502023   sys.key_constraints reports two rows for an index if the XML component id is same as the "object_id" of a primary key SQL Engine Windows
13458643   Spatial data types (Geometry and Geography) are implemented as CLR data types in SQL Server. When the application domain hosting the spatial data type structures is unloaded, the engine treats this as a schema change to the underlying objects referenced in the cursor. As a result, spatial query may fail with related error message when the schema change is detected. SQL Engine Windows
13464812   Access violation may occur when a cursor is used to retrieve data from scalar UDF and the underlying table contains primary key. SQL Engine Windows
13443318   When you have external tables on a database in SQL Server 2019 and try to publish different tables from the same database, you may receive the following error message in SSMS:
New Publication Wizard encountered one or more errors while retrieving the list of articles on 'database name'. The list of articles may not be complete.
Additional Information: Data is Null. This method or property cannot be called on Null values.
SQL Engine Windows
13525968   Disables PolyBase Generic ODBC External Data Sources' default behavior of pushing down the TOP operator and calling the SQLRowCount function SQL Engine Windows
13525977   Enables the following keys to be specified in the CONNECTION_OPTIONS of a PolyBase Generic ODBC External Data Source:
PolyBaseOdbcSupportsRowCount, PolyBaseOdbcSupportsMetadataIdAttributes, PolyBaseOdbcSupportsBindOffset, PolyBaseQoTopPushdown
SQL Engine Windows
13543133   Script "system_xevents_modification.sql" downgraded failed with error 935 which causes master database not able to recover with error 3417 and then SQL Server is unable to start SQL Engine Windows
13488605   When you use DELETE statement on a table in SQL Server, you may receive the following error message as no matching rows exists in the referenced tables.
Msg 547, Level 16, State 0, Line LineNumber
The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "constraint name".
The conflict occurred in database "database name", table "table name", column 'column name'.
The statement has been terminated.
SQL performance Windows
13491011   Access violation occurs when a query is executed against a filtered index in SQL Server 2019 SQL performance Windows