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Накопительное обновление SQL Server 2019 CU8

Microsoft SQL Server 2019

1 октября 2020 года вышло восьмое накопительное обновление SQL Server 2019 CU8. Build version: 15.0.4073.23. KB4577194.

Посмотреть можно здесь:


В SQL Server 2019 CU7 найден баг, который исправлен в CU8.


Проблема выявлена в использовании моментальных снимков базы данных в SQL Server 2019 CU7. Обратите внимание, что использование DBCC CHECKDB также затрагивается, поскольку при этом создается моментальный снимок базы данных. Проблема исправлена ​​в SQL Server 2019 CU8.

Если вы загрузили файл пакета CU7 до 23 сентября 2020 г., мы рекомендуем не устанавливать его. Перейдите на SQL Server CU8 или более позднюю версию CU.

Если вы уже применили SQL Server 2019 CU7, удалите его и перейдите на SQL Server CU8 или более позднюю версию CU.

Если вы уже применили SQL Server 2019 CU7 и создали моментальный снимок базы данных, запланируйте удаление моментального снимка базы данных, а затем примените SQL Server 2019 CU8 или более позднюю версию CU перед воссозданием моментального снимка базы данных.


Bug reference KB article number Description Fix area Platform
13582779   Fixed an issue that reduced throughput and caused higher CPU when you run workloads that frequently allocate and release memory, such as XML related functions. SQL Engine All
13642562   PATINDEX returns wrong result for non-Latin input string when you use Latin1_General_100_BIN2_UTF8 collation. SQL Engine All
13647889   Python and R CAB files for SQL Server Machine Learning Services on Windows and mssql-mlservices packages on Linux are updated to version On Windows, it fixes "Cannot resume session with terminated pooled process" error while launching Python/R runtimes. On Linux, it enables successful installation of mssql-mlservices-mlm-r package on RHEL8. SQL Engine All
13663200   Query Store scalability improvement for adhoc workloads. Query Store now imposes internal limits to the amount of memory it can use and automatically changes the operation mode to READ-ONLY until enough memory has been returned to the Database Engine, preventing performance issues. SQL Engine All
13684475   Updated error messages to remove inconsistent use of word SQL. SQL Engine All
13691465 4579223 FIX: PolyBase processes will be started to avoid dump during provisioning in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13693311 4580648 FIX: Errors may occur or PolyBase services fail to start when you run PolyBase queries on a non-English OS SQL Engine All
13703114 4580413 FIX: Deadlock occurs between Availability Group Configuration and Replica Transport State Lock in SQL Server 2019 High Availability All
13703115   This change improves external lease renew time for external cluster type in SQL Server 2019. High Availability All
13704325 4580639 FIX: PolyBase queries can now be run with EXECUTE AS impersonation context in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13708440   Fixed issue where ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP SET (ROLE=SECONDARY) raises an error 41104. However, it doesn't impact the Always On Availability Group health. High Availability All
13713444   Fixed an issue with excessive number of informational messages in the Error log when Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) is disabled for a database. SQL Engine All
13607847 4581882 FIX: Restoring database fails due to backup command timeout in SQL Server 2019 High Availability Linux
13644860 4582558 FIX: SQL Server 2019 service fails to start in Linux operating system SQL Engine Linux
13651459 4577837 FIX: Queries may fail when storage pool caching is enabled by default in SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster SQL Engine Linux
13657658 4578292 FIX: Error occurs when you try to deploy CU5 or CU6 for SQL Server 2019 BDC irrespective of the azdata version Big Data Cluster (BDC) Linux
13521037 4580949 FIX: Snapshot agent fails when you create Transactional Publication with all tables and UDFs in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13598903   Fixed long package execution time involving SSIS task of type TransferSqlServerObjectsTask when database contains tens of thousands of tables and the db user is not db_owner. Integration Services Windows
13624044 4578267 FIX: Different result set for the same query using dm_sql_referenced_entities in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13659834   Fixed Web UI Explorer display issue in SQL Server 2019 Master Data Services (MDS) in which the column width remains constant irrespective of any display width configured at attribute level. Data Quality service (DQS) Windows
13667151 4581886 FIX: Joins not getting pushed down for PolyBase query that joins multiple external tables SQL Engine Windows
13671396   XEvent sqlsni.sni_trace does not fire unless sqlsni.trace is enabled in SQL Server 2019. SQL connectivity Windows
13678273   Fixed issue where a plan does not get cached (no SP:CacheInsert in trace) when the Interleaved Execution for MSTVFs feature is used and the MSTVF contains a LOB parameter that requires a conversion. SQL Engine Windows
13679282 4578579 Improvement: Availability Group listener without the load balancer in SQL Server 2019 High Availability Windows

Fixed an unexpected error that occurs when you deploy a 1500 compatibility mode model with relationship and Direct Query mode ON.

An unexpected error occurred (file 'FileName', line LineNumber, function 'FunctionName')

Analysis services Windows
13694925 4538688 FIX: Severe spinlock contention occurs in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13695986   When an extended event that outputs a query plan is enabled, execution of a natively compiled stored procedure incorrectly included actual execution plan information in the output, which could cause errors if the client application does not expect such output. In-memory OLTP Windows
13696226   SSAS Multidimensional deployment mode may encounter Access Violation (AV) upon Excel grouping with Create Session cube followed by MDSCHEMA_MEMBERS. AV exception may occur many times that SSAS may reach the maximum exception limit and eventually terminate. Analysis services Windows
13697891   Fixed Master Data Services (MDS) Filter for Business Rule Validation which doesn’t show a reason for failure after 'x' number of records. Data Quality Service (DQS) Windows
13703025 4580397 FIX: Incorrect results occur when you run INSERT INTO SELECT statement on memory-optimized table variables in SQL Server 2016 In-memory OLTP Windows
13703268 4580915 FIX: SQL Server error log receives several ADR enabled/disabled messages even when ADR isn't explicitly enabled/disabled SQL Engine Windows
13714531   Fixed an issue in SQL Server Analysis Services to allow users to use AVERAGE function with extension columns. Analysis services Windows
13598931 4561305 FIX: Concurrent inserts against tables with columnstore indexes may cause queries to hang in SQL Server 2016 and 2019 SQL Engine All
13606684   When you run a SELECT query in Read Committed Snapshot Isolation (RCSI) on Clustered Columnstore Index (CCI) on a table in SQL Server 2019, the query may return incorrect number of rows under rare conditions. SQL Engine All
13607141   Fixes an assertion exception that occurs when you query the DMV sys.dm_hadr_automatic_seeding. High Availability All
13607158   This update fixes an issue with sys.dm_db_stats_histogram not showing NULL value histogram step. SQL performance All
13621665 4574801 FIX: Incorrect results occur when you run PolyBase query to read text files from Hadoop in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13635355 4578395 FIX: Error occurs when using DBCC operations while TDE key change happens in SQL Server 2019 SQL security All
13636909 4034376 FIX: Couldn't disable "change data capture" if any column is encrypted by "Always Encrypted" feature of SQL Server SQL Engine All
13643332 4538581 FIX: Scalar UDF Inlining issues in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13643390   Fixes failure of SQL Server Extensibility Runtimes Setup on FIPS compliant servers. SQL Engine All
13643805 4577594 FIX: Add language and extension directories to the PATH environment variable in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine All
13647491 4576778 FIX: Table Variable Deferred Compilation feature on SQL Server 2019 database remains enabled when database compatibility level is 140 or lower SQL Engine All
13669080 4577836 FIX: Inconsistency occurs when ghost rows are inserted into mapping index rowset SQL Engine All
13491695 4578011 FIX: Unable to restore SQL Server database from previous versions on NVMe device partitioned in 4K block size SQL Engine Linux
13512207 4575453 FIX: SQL Server fails to start when remote admin connections are enabled and IPV6 is disabled on the host SQL Engine Linux
13578549   Improvement: Enables RLS feature for PolyBase by default in SQL Server 2019. SQL Engine Linux
13607140   This updates adds detailed error information to the pacemaker log when pacemaker agent fails to connect to SQL Server resource to obtain health status. High Availability Linux
13607142 4569424 FIX: Intermittent Availability Group failover occurs as AG helper connection times out while connecting to SQL Server High Availability Linux
13628489 4577591 FIX: Widerow insert to an external table is not supported when the row width is more than 32K in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Linux
13634075 4577590 FIX: Error occurs when row width is less than DMS buffer size of 32K and an incorrect return path is chosen in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Linux
13567739   Fixes an issue to reduce parallel redo thread shutdown and startup thread messages in error log on servers with fewer cores and more idle databases. High Availability Windows
13583547 4577561 FIX: Error occurs when you try to filter the members of an entity for numeric values less than or greater than '0' in MDS 2019 Master Data Services Windows
13585628   Fixes intermittent connection issue with SSIS package executions when expression is used for both connection string and password of a connection manager. Integration services Windows
13586253 4578110 FIX: Error 8992 occurs when you run DBCC CHECKDB on cloned database in SQL Server 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13598885   DBCC CHECKDB reports corruption on spatial index incorrectly if base table has a column called ID. SQL Engine Windows
13598896   SSRS 2016 URLs are case-sensitive after applying Security update GDRs: KB4532097 and KB4535706. SQL Engine Windows
13598899   When you concurrently create sub directories in a FileTable directory, a deadlock may occur internally in the SQL Server Engine and all subsequent requests to FileTable directories and files may not respond. SQL Engine Windows
13598905   When a replication error such as deadlock occurs, random id is inserted in MSRepl_Errors table while it should be just incremented by 1 from the previous id value. This cumulative update (CU) fixes the issue and the MSRepl_Errors will insert entries with row id incremented by 1 instead of using some random value. SQL Engine Windows
13598907   When you run an ALTER command WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE, the rollback can trigger before the command is processed, thus rolling back transactions even if the ALTER itself fails due to lack of permissions. This fix makes sure that the rollback is processed only after the ALTER command completes. SQL Engine Windows
13598909 4511771 FIX: Full-Text search auto crawl stops when AG goes offline in SQL Server SQL Engine Windows
13598911 4563115 FIX: Upgrade script may fail if you use Always On Failover Cluster Instance as a secondary replica in SQL Server 2016 and 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13598925   When DBCC CHECKTABLE, CHECKFILEGROUP and CHECKDB commands are issued against a database with table that contains columnstore index located on read-only non-primary filegroup, you may receive the following error:
Msg 8921, Level 16, State 1, Line LineNumber
Check terminated. A failure was detected while collecting facts. Possibly tempdb out of space or a system table is inconsistent. Check previous errors.
SQL Engine Windows
13598927 4560183 FIX: Distributed transactions may experience long waits with DTC_STATE wait type in SQL Server 2016 and 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13598933   FIX: Assertion error occurs on the mirror server during redo process hitting. Assertion: File: <FilePath\FileName>, line = LineNumber Failed Assertion = 'result == LCK_OK' High Availability Windows
13598937   Access violation exception occurs when a query that references a non-exsting partition function is executed. SQL performance Windows
13602806   Fixes the Japanese translation for "State" in SQL Configuration Manager. SQL Engine Windows
13606017   Unable to change the DateTime/Number attributed to NULL in Master Data Services (MDS). Data Quality Services (DQS) Windows
13607134 4569425 FIX: Transactional replication publications can support URL type device to initialize subscriptions from backups in Azure Blob Storage in SQL Server 2017 SQL Engine Windows
13607135 4567166 FIX: Assertion failure occurs when you try to insert record into a page in fully logged mode in SQL Server 2017 and 2019 SQL Engine Windows
13607136   Error occurs when mashup is used to import from Active Directory (AD) using the default M query generated from the connection wizard. Key Expression Error: The key didn't match any rows in the table Analysis services Windows
13607143   DELETE statement returns Foreign Key check constraint error even when REFERENCE table has no matching rows.
Msg 547, Level 16, State 0, Line LineNumber
The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "ConstraintName".
The conflict occurred in database "DatabaseName", table "TableName", column 'ColumnName'.
The statement has been terminated.
SQL performance Windows
13607144   Fixes long duration for Integration Services Project deployment through powershell by improving search of operation messages in deployment process. Integration services Windows
13607145   Fixes an error that occurs when a session cube is created on a database and you try to query from that session cube. The following error is received when you query the session cube: Server: The operation has been cancelled because there is not enough memory available for the application. If using a 32-bit version of the product, consider upgrading to the 64-bit version or increasing the amount of memory available on the machine. Analysis services Windows
13607160   Column description disappears after exporting/importing models through MDSModelDeploy for an approval required entity in SQL Server 2019. Data Quality Services (DQS) Windows
13616383   Fixes a performance issue when a query outputs NULL values following a semi join in SQL Server 2019 for a database with UTF8. SQL performance Windows
13619478   Updates RSetup with the updated FWLINK version SQL Engine Windows
13626378   Fixes an issue in MDS Filtered results where the user is not returned to page 1 and the page count is not updated until returning to page 1. Data Quality Services (DQS) Windows
13627086   Updates the Zulu JRE version to zulu11.37.18-sa-jre11.0.6.101. SQL Engine Windows
13632226   Fixes an issue in Master Data Services 2019 where you cannot input multiline content in text attributes. Data Quality Services (DQS) Windows
13667907   Under (rare) certain circumstances, memory grant re-calculation can cause an access violation. SQL performance Windows