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SPP Service Pack for ProLiant — version 2019.09.0

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Для обновления прошивок серверов HPE ProLiant Gen9 и Gen10 вышел новый сервис пак — SPP 2019.09.0 от 9 сентября 2019.

Service Pack for ProLiant (5.73 GB)
MD5 Checksum: 52b9e8530f0b4be9502578802e41c607

Скачать можно здесь: http://www.hpe.com/servers/SPP/download

Данный сервис пак проверен на серверах:

  • HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9
  • HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10

На версию 2019.09.0 можно обновляться с версий 2019.03.1,  2018.11.0,  2018.09.0.

Resolved CAs

Date CA Number Description Fixed SPP Version
8/26/2019 a00069344 (Revision) HPE Network Adapters - HPE QLogic NX2 Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for VMware 6.7 Version 2019.03.01 May Fail to Complete In the SPP, When an HPE QLogic Fibre Channel Network Adapter Is Configured on Gen9/Gen10 Servers 2019.09.0
7/26/2019 a00078768 HPE StoreFabric Host Bus Adapters - During A Server Power-On Sequence, A SN1100Q Or SN1600Q Fibre Channel Adapter With A Specific 16GB Transceiver Will Intermittently Fail To Connect To All FC Switches At Both The UEFI And OS Levels 2019.09.0
6/12/2019 a00071158 (Revision) HPE Gen10 Smart Array Controllers - Disks May Go Offline And Out of Memory/APD Conditions May Be Experienced on HPE Gen10 Servers Configured With Certain HPE Smart Array Controllers Running In a VMware vSAN Environment 2019.09.0
5/22/2019 a00073851 HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller - HPE Servers Running VMware ESXi 6.0/6.5/6.7 and Configured With an HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller May Experience a PSOD When Updating to Hpdsa Driver Version 2019.09.0
4/18/2019 a00070779 HPE Solid State Drives - Certain HPE SAS Solid State Drives May Fail Within a Few Days of Install With Timeout Messages in the Serial Log if a Very Small Amount of Data Is Written to the Drives and They Are Left Powered-On 2019.09.0
4/2/2019 a00069761 VMware - Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version 2019.03.0 May Fail to Update on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers Running VMware ESXi 6.5 Using Integrated Smart Update Tools (iSUT) Version 2.3.6 2019.09.0
3/19/2019 a00066514 HPE Hard Disk Drives - FIRMWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED For Certain HPE 7.2K (2TB/1TB) SATA Hard Disk Drives to Prevent a Potential Data Integrity Risk 2019.09.0


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