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Материнская плата Supermicro X11DPU — прошивка IPMI 1.71.20 и BIOS 3.3a


Вышла новая прошивка для материнской платы X11DPU. Архив содержит обновление IPMI 1.71.20 и BIOS 3.3a.

На страничке производителя: https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/motherboard/X11DPU

Скачать прошивку: X11DPU_BIOS3_3a_IPMI1_71_20.zip

BIOS Release Note: X11DPU_BIOS_3_3a_release_notes.pdf

Дата релиза BIOS: 21 июля 2020.

Прошивка проверена на серверах:


Изменения в BIOS 3.3a:

  1. Deleted repeated boot options which have the same description as the new description.
  2.  Added inband flash status event log to IPMI MEL.
  3. Corrected "Station MAC Address" display order when "Configuration Address Source" is set to "Static".
  4. Updated Skylake-SP microcode 6906 and Cascade Lake-SP microcode 2F01 for IPU2020.1.
  5. Updated SATA/sSATA RAID OPROM/EFI driver to VROC PreOS v6.3.0.1005 PV.
  6. Fixed inability of 6240R and some refresh 4 serial CPU frequencies to reach the maximum when enabling MWAIT.
  7. Fixed failure of Secure Erase - Password and problem of BIOS returning "EFI_Device_Error" with SED: Seagate ST1000NX0353.
  8. Corrected firmware revision in BIOS Setup.
  9. Fixed problem of system hanging at 0xB2 with some NVMe devices.

Изменения в IPMI 1.71.20:

  1. [114391] IPMI Temp Sensor Reading on AOC-SLG3-2M2-O.
  2. [109038] BMC issued multiple alerts when hard drive failed.
  3. [115302] ECO -8971-- 01.73.03(06/30/2020) – user permanently lock out after exceeded lockout times and by SMCIPMITOOL.
  4. DIMM temperature sensor value will shows 255 degree randomly.
  5. [115672] Unable to set user name at a maximum of 16 characters Error message 'User name must be 4~16 characters.' should be 'User name must be 4~15 characters.'
  6. [115302] user permanently lock out after exceeded lockout times and by SMCIPMITOOL