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SPP Service Pack for ProLiant — version 2019.03.0

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Для обновления прошивок серверов HPE Proliant Gen9 и Gen10 вышел новый сервис пак - SPP 2019.03.0 от 2 апреля 2019.

Service Pack for ProLiant (5.67 GB)
MD5 Checksum: fae621dfecf6d836464b1ba2465abdb8

Скачать можно здесь: http://www.hpe.com/servers/SPP/download

Данный сервис пак проверен на серверах:

  • HPE Proliant DL360 Gen9

Hot Fixes

Date CA Number Description Fixed SPP Version
3/19/2019 a00066514 HPE Hard Disk Drives - FIRMWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED For Certain HPE 7.2K (2TB/1TB) SATA Hard Disk Drives to Prevent a Potential Data Integrity Risk Future Release

Критическое обновление для HDD:

  • MB001000GWFWK
  • MB002000GWFWL

Resolved CAs

Date CA Number Description Fixed SPP Version
2/15/2019 a00065356 (Revision) HPE OneView - OneView Will Fail to Upgrade iLO 5 Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) Driver on Windows Server with Agentless Management Service 2019.03.0
1/22/2019 a00064663 Linux - Flash Engine on all Drive Smart Components for Linux Modify File Permission of an Embedded storcli RPM and any Subsequent RPM Verification on Drive Smart Component RPM will Fail and Block Smart Update Manager (SUM) 2019.03.0
1/21/2019 a00064443 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 - HPE Gigabit Ethernet Adapters Are Unable to Receive Packets when Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is higher than 1500 with HPE Intel IGB Driver Version 2019.03.0
12/21/2018 a00062579 HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port 622FLR-SFP28 Converged Network Adapter - Firmware 8.35.43 Enables Additional Storage Functionality and Prevents Downgrades to Earlier Firmware Versions 2019.03.0
12/12/2018 a00061900 HPE Ethernet Adapters - Intel E1R Driver for Windows Version Download Does Not Include an Associated Compsig File for HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Repository Support 2019.03.0
10/18/2018 a00058528 (Revision) HPE Network Adapters - On HPE ProLiant Servers Running Any Linux Operating System and Configured With Certain Network Adapters With Firmware and Boot Code Version 7.13.63 (Or Later), Jumbo Packets May Fail 2019.03.0




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